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Welcome to our May Newswire...

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Accountants urge small dairy farmers to apply for one-off cash sum

Paul Laird, Director at Buckinghamshire-based accountancy firm The Fish Partnership, is urging small dairy farmers to apply for one-off cash sums from the Small Dairy Farmers Scheme, with the deadline for applications fast approaching.

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Finance Bill shrinks in the parliamentary wash-up as PM announces snap election

The announcement of a snap general election to take place on 8 June 2017 had an immediate impact on some of the most eye-catching announcements from the Spring Budget, with the parliamentary wash-up seeing key clauses dropped from the Finance Bill.

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New civil penalty notices are now in effect for residential landlords

A range of provisions which allow civil penalties to be levied against residential landlords who commit offences under the Housing Act 2004 came into effect last month.

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A furnished holiday letting won’t just give your customers much needed relief

Landlords should be aware of the different rules which apply to furnished holiday lets and private rented properties, as the tax implications can be enormous.

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P11D dispensations have been dispensed with

Last year saw an important change to the way tax-deductible business expenses, which are paid to employees, are dealt with.

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Online VAT fraud and error costing UK dear

A report published by the National Audit Office (NAO) estimates that online VAT fraud and error cost the UK somewhere between £1bn and £1.5bn in lost tax revenue during the 2015/16 financial year.

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HMRC issuing hefty fines to eBay and Amazon traders who fail to pay tax

Small-scale internet traders, including individuals and businesses who sell goods on websites such as eBay and Amazon, are being hit with ‘tougher penalties’ than larger businesses if they do not declare their income and pay the appropriate tax on their sales, according to a new study.

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HMRC goes “nuclear” in pursuit of unpaid taxes

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) issued a record number of court orders to seize company assets in 2016, indicating that the tax office is happy to go after all businesses suspected of tax evasion.

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Could you benefit from Tax-Free Childcare?

Last month saw a scheme which has the potential to offer major savings on childcare costs start to be phased in.

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Key Dates

22 May 2017 – Deadline for electronic remittance of PAYE, NICs and CIS to HMRC.

31 May 2017 – P60s to be given to all employees.

7 June 2017 – VAT returns and payments due for Accounting Quarter period ending 30 April if filed online.

19 June 2017 – Deadline for postal payments remittance of PAYE, NICs and CIS to HMRC.