DfE unveils new scheme to ‘get teachers back in the classroom’

The Department for Education (DfE) has announced a new scheme aiming to get teachers back into the classroom.

The programme is currently being piloted across regions in the South East of England and the West Midlands.

The Government plans to get teachers who have taken a career break back into the system by supporting professional development, such as providing funding for National Professional Qualifications.

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb, said: “There are a record number of teachers in our classrooms – 15,500 more than in 2010 – but we want to build on that. Many of us will need to take time out from our careers at some point, and teaching is no different – but it can be hard to return to the classroom.

“We want to support teachers by giving them more options on how to return to the workplace. As well as helping to keep experienced and valued teachers working in our schools, this pilot will help make sure teaching remains attractive to the next generation and is regarded as a profession that is flexible to the demands of the modern world.”

The DfE said the re-recruitment of teachers will begin during the summer term.

The announcement follows a number of changes designed to ease the teacher recruitment crisis. Among these, the Government plans to strengthen Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and improve career progression.

It will also look at how the profession can be made more flexible, possibly through part-time roles.

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